VReeDance - VR experience without entanglement.


The latest generation of VR Glasses allows us to dive into a myriad of digital worlds and interact with them in new and exciting ways. Yet while our imagination soars, our bodies are bound by an aggravating cable that tangles our feet, hits our shoulders and binds our hands taking us out of the experience and sometimes endangering the expensive hardware of even ourselves. The robust yet elegant solution to this problem is called VReeDance. Sprung from the ingenious  minds of inventors from NTB GbR Hannover VReeDance is what you need to truly enjoy Virtual Reality. The principle behind it is staightforward.

The Harness

- adjustable to players of all statures. It allows you to freely moove around and keeps the cable over you head.

The Dancer Roll

- beutifully engraved with the VReeDance logo. Allowing finetuning for every player, it will make sure that the lenth of the cable is always pulled back and never in your way.

The Centrepiece

- affixable to wall and cieling. It prevents cable loping by following you every moove with a mobile guide roll and will both house the VR hardware and endure pulling, spinning and jumping of even the most vigorous player.

NTB - is VR specialist from Hanover. VReeDance is a registered utility model. The VReeDance is currently in final stages of its development and will be available for purchase in several months.


VR Cable Management made in Germany. Release Date: Q1 2017.
Contact: info@vreedance.com
0511 / 270 622 00

Meet the team and try it @ CEBIT 2017 - Halle 11 - Stand D65